Xbox Series X restock: Microsoft vowed stocks are coming and here’s where to buy

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/01/07 [09:36]

Xbox Series X restock: Microsoft vowed stocks are coming and here’s where to buy

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/01/07 [09:36]

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The Xbox Series X was launched almost three months ago. Microsoft released two versions in its latest console offering, and these are the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.


Now, the units got sold out very fast, and many gamers and Xbox users missed their chance to purchase the newest edition of the console. With the high demand, Microsoft struggled to supply the orders, and it was revealed that for now, the stock shortage may last until April 2021.


Still, many Xbox users try harder to find stores where the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S may still be available. It was already confirmed that all units were sold, so everyone is hoping for restocks.


Update from Microsoft


As the hunt for any available Xbox Series X/S continues, Microsoft gave an update at the start of the year and assured game enthusiasts that the company is doing its best to meet the demands. Thus, they are also hoping to distribute restock units soon.


"I get some people are asking, ‘why didn’t you build more? Why didn’t you start earlier? Why didn’t you ship them earlier?’ All of those things,” Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, told Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson, in a podcast interview.


Spencer continued to explain, "It’s really just down to physics and engineering. We’re not holding them back but rather, we’re building them as fast as we can.”


In any case, Microsoft asked AMD to help them boost the production of the consoles to release new units as early as possible. Spencer confirmed that they are now working with AMD to combat the shortage.


Xbox Series X restocks - Where to buy


Meanwhile, Tech Radar mentioned that early restocks in the UK could arrive in stores such as Currys, Argos, Very, and Game. In the US, gamers should keep an eye for announcements from Walmart, Gamestop, and Target.


Newsweek mentioned that Xbox Series S restock was spotted at Best Buy just two days ago. Then again, buyers were warned that there is no guarantee that more units of the most in-demand Microsoft consoles would be available this week.


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