QueenBee Company announced a strong response such as legal action against the abusers of QueenBee Coin

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/02/25 [19:17]

QueenBee Company announced a strong response such as legal action against the abusers of QueenBee Coin

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/02/25 [19:17]


QueenBee Company announced that a strong action will take place as a response to a media report that mentions Queen Bee Coin was used for fraud and multilevel cases. 


In a press release on the 00, QueenBee Company said, "I am outraged by the fact that QueenBee coin was used by multi-level scammers." "Involuntarily, the traders who believed in QueenBee Company and bought QueenBee coins were harmed. This is very unfortunate. I will review to take a strong action including the request for investigation right away."


"QueenBee Company is in a situation where the foundation (QueenBee Company) has suffered a lot of damage due to multi-level fraudsters."


Illegal multilevel fraud cases repeatedly buy and sell at large amounts, and they take advantage of illegal profits by adjusting the market price.


"Recognizing that there is a force that abuses coins in the virtual currency market, we couldn't capture it because it is a force that moves so systematically even though we paid close attention to the market price." "We plan to support all investigations and show cooperation so that we can bring justice to them."


QueenBee Company is a financial platform developer that aims to build an ecosystem hub for digital asset markets in Korea and Far East Asia using blockchain technology from 2019. In cooperation with Singapore's 1X, which can trade new types of digital assets issued using blockchain, it is running a business to connect new financial routes to companies in the existing market. Singapore is implementing licensing and this licensing is for the issuance and transaction handling of digital assets using blockchain to create a preemptive regulatory environment. 1X, a partner of QueenBee Company, is leading the market by acquiring all the licenses required by the Singapore government, and many Korean companies are also hoping to participate in the market through QueenBee Company.


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