MetisEdu Reinforces Team Members to Acquire Users and Strengthen Marketing Strategies

이선영 기자 | 기사입력 2021/07/12 [17:06]

MetisEdu Reinforces Team Members to Acquire Users and Strengthen Marketing Strategies

이선영 기자 | 입력 : 2021/07/12 [17:06]


MetisEdu, a blockchain-based edu technology, announced that after the launch of the platform, it has reinforced professional personnel to secure aggressive users and strengthen marketing strategies based on the existing blockchain and platform technology development.


MetisEdu launched a beta platform to provide blockchain-based educational content services in April. This was to provide an opportunity for anyone to work as a tutor by using their high-quality content by horizontally improving the vertical relationship between tutors and tutors brought by the existing education platform. In addition, by introducing a blockchain-based voting system using MTS tokens, MetisEdu has elevated the status of TUTI from the position of a passive consumer to another active entity of the service.


After the beta platform launch and service launch, MetisEdu has completed major issues related to blockchain and platform technology development, such as the introduction of a staking program and technology for NFT connection. In response, MetisEdu explained that it was replenishing related experts to focus on securing more aggressive users and establishing a stronger marketing strategy in the future.


A large number of experts from Korea's representative smarter learning company eKYSS participated in this team reinforcement. The CEO of Ikais is currently one of MetisEdu's co-founders and has been operating MYPOOL, an online language service, for many years.


MetisEdu related author said, “Until now, it was a period of setting up a basic frame related to platform development and system, but now it is a period to fill in high-quality educational content and introduce and service it to more people. In particular, MetisEdu will serve as a secondary platform to promote and service the excellent educational contents provided by My Pool, and will continue to develop competent tutors while also creating opportunities for collaboration with stronger partners.”


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