Crypto Bank (CRYPTO BANK) Opens a Promotion to Support Medical Expenses for Care Leaving Young Adults

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/10/15 [17:26]

Crypto Bank (CRYPTO BANK) Opens a Promotion to Support Medical Expenses for Care Leaving Young Adults

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/10/15 [17:26]


Cryptobank, a total financial solution for virtual assets, is a block-chain-based smart healthcare project Luxbio (LBXC) and the end of protection jointly conducted by Sunshine Blanket, a non-profit culture and art organization that supports the underprivileged and young artists such as care leaving young adults. A promotion for children's medical expenses was opened on the 15th through the Cryptobank mobile app.


Care leaving young adults are children who have been living in childcare facilities or foster homes for 5 to 10 years or more due to lack of parents or lack of parenting ability. When these children turn 18, they leave the orphanage and begin to become independent. Under the current law, those over the age of 18 are classified as adults and protection ends. Annually, the number of children who have ended protection amounts to 20,000 to 3,000, but only 5 million won per person is settling for them to become self-reliant. In fact, they are far short of housing, education, medical care, and livelihoods.


Sunshine Blanket is carrying out various sponsorship activities based on cultural and artistic activities for sustainable growth for children who have ended protection. With economic support, talent support, mentoring, incubation, and job support, the Sunshine Blanket goes beyond simple donations to support children and young artists who have ended protection to develop their talents and become self-reliant through a sustainable incubation system.


Luxbio is a global project promoted with the goal of a diagnostic business that converges blockchain and stem cell treatment technology, a cosmetic business, and a smart healthcare business that links smart wearables and smart healthcare devices. Luxbio's DBE platform provides health management functions as well as health check-up records, medical records, body information, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc., through linking with various smart healthcare devices, and predictive treatment based on that information is also possible. 


In order to participate in the medical expenses sponsorship promotion for children who have ended protection opened on the 15th, you can send LBXC coins through the Cryptobank app. In addition, 50% discount coupons for specific products in Luxbio's LBXC Mall will be issued to participants in sending 50,000 LBXC coins.


As a virtual asset total financial solution project, Cryptobank has previously conducted two donation promotions with World Vision and Star Donation.


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