TriumphX Enters Sports Field Post NFTart

이선영 기자 | 기사입력 2021/11/01 [20:39]

TriumphX Enters Sports Field Post NFTart

이선영 기자 | 입력 : 2021/11/01 [20:39]


TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it will enter the NFT sports field following NFTart.


TriumphX has accumulated references in the global NFT market by launching various NFT series with famous domestic and foreign artists in the NFTart field, centering on its NFT platforms ENFTEE and Sole-X.


At the same time, TriumphX has set sports as a target field to explore new business models post NFTart, and has brought continuous contact with sports federations such as baseball, golf, and volleyball, and partnered with Chainlink for sports data mapping. and global top NFT projects and technical alliances have been discussed. Therefore, TriumphX plans to release the NFT series based on legendary sports players in the future.


In addition, the NFT project in the sports field is expected to make new attempts such as developing its own platform by applying the metaverse, which is rapidly emerging worldwide, or experiencing the NFT virtual exhibition hall through the use of a large metaverse platform, and applying games and rewards.


TriumphX officials said, "Efforts in the field of NFTart since last August are producing more concrete results. Both the number of platform visitors and sales are showing a marked increase. In addition, TriumphX has recently been actively promoting the project through top global platforms such as for more active global publicity. Based on these achievements, we are now going to present a new NFT project in the sports field that we have been preparing for a long time. We will present more complete results based on various experiences and performance in the market.”


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