Crypto Formula starts full-scale projects such as Web Open, Metaverse Expo 2022, The Hyundai Exhibition, and 1st sales

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2022/06/15 [17:57]

Crypto Formula starts full-scale projects such as Web Open, Metaverse Expo 2022, The Hyundai Exhibition, and 1st sales

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2022/06/15 [17:57]


EV Racing 10K Membership NFT Project, Crypto Formula, started its projects as it opened its website on the 15th, participated in Metaverse Expo 2022, opened The Hyundai offline exhibition, and released the first sale schedule.


Crypto Formula will participate in Metaverse Expo 2022, scheduled to be held at COEX in Seoul from 15th to 17th, to conduct lectures and operate promotional booths to introduce the project. A total of 30 sessions will participate in this expo.


Cho Gun-ho, CEO of Crypto Formula, will be a speaker at the second conference room on the 16th (Thursday) with the title of "Fandom Market Where Real and Virtual Economies Intersect." CEO Cho Gun-ho wants to check the current status of the blockchain market and further present the potential growth and new direction of NFT.


From July 1 to 10, the first sale period of premium membership NFT, the Crypto Formula offline exhibition will be held on the first floor of The Hyundai Luxury Hall in Yeouido. Led by Kwon Taek-joong, art director of HNP, a space design company, and multimedia writer, Kim Sung-jin, CEO of Line System, which specializes in overseas exhibition displays such as CES, MWC, and IFA, will be the technical director, and Lee Seok Media Artist, known through collaboration with many popular idol music videos and luxury brands, will participate in the exhibition. At the exhibition site, a full-size FIA Formula E Gen 2 car will be introduced for the first time along with multimedia sculptures.


During the exhibition period, the first sale of the premium membership NFT package, which allows you to enjoy the special rewards of Formula E Korea, will be held and can be purchased on the Crypto Formula website. The premium membership NFT package is limited to 2,500, and will include a card wallet with NFT, an NFT guidebook, two E-PRIX 2022 VVIP tickets, and two tickets for the opening ceremony.


Crypto Formula is a Biverse Membership NFT project based on the Formula E and EV Racing fandom markets with a universal and metaverse cross reward scheme.


Led by CEO Cho Gun-ho, the TriumphX team, a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, will be in charge of planning, development and marketing in the blockchain field.


Crypto Formula's EV Racing 10K Membership NFT will be issued in the form of a futuristic racer PFP NFT. For holders of NFTs, crypto mining, breeding, airdrop, governance, and DeFi services of the Metaverse ecosystem are designed. The Universe ecosystem includes rewards such as up to 50 percent discount tickets for the annual Formula E Korea competition, participation in the World DJ Festival.


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