TriumphX Introduces the First Collection Minting of the I Love Karacter (ILK) Project at The Sandbox (January 6)

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2023/01/06 [15:50]

TriumphX Introduces the First Collection Minting of the I Love Karacter (ILK) Project at The Sandbox (January 6)

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2023/01/06 [15:50]


TriumphX, a decentralized cross-chain platform developer, will unveil the first NFT collection minting of the I Love Karacter project at The Sandbox at 3 PM (UTC) on January 6.


 In this first collection, 13 popular Korean character NFTs (assets) will be issued, including Pucca, Molang, and Dr. Egg. The most representative benefit of purchasing I Love Karacter(ILK)'s character NFT is that buyers can receive 11.2% of the IP revenue, which is the character model fee. Moreover, buyers can enjoy additional benefits such as obtaining a free pass for the metaverse world implemented in The Sandbox and participating in various events.


 13 types of characters will be issued 200 each, all of which are rated Rare for equity between characters. The price of character NFT is 82.95 SAND (approximately 40,000 won) and will be issued on an Ethereum chain. To purchase NFTs, users must sign up for The Sandbox, access the marketplace, and go through KYC authentication. Users can purchase NFTs when KYC verification is completed. There is a waiting time for KYC verification, so it is recommended to finish KYC in advance before minting.


 ILK is a project being produced by TriumphX with metaverse content company Y.GRAM (CEO : Jeon Yoo-hyuk) and VR/AR metaverse technology company WITCHES (CEO: Ko Mi-a). More specifically, it is a metaverse model agency project that collects Korean character IPs in various fields and supports them to act as metaverse models. The characters will work as advertising models, pop-up store managers, game moderators, etc. within the metaverse, and popular characters from various fields such as animation, YouTube, and webtoons are in the lineup, drawing attention from the IP industry.


 An official said, "Through the first collection minting, I Love Karacter will show full-fledged moves as a metaverse marketing model agency." The official also added, "We will actively support I Love Karacter to enter the global metaverse platform, The Sandbox, connect brands and character IPs within metaverse, and expand to more metaverse in the future."


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